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CHC PATHS is an online tool for the Commonwealth Honors College community. A UMass NetID is required to log in.

Honors students can use CHC PATHS to set up course contracts such as an independent study honors (ISH) or an Honors Thesis/Project (499Y/T/P). Faculty members and honors thesis committee members use CHC PATHS to review and authorize these contracts.


For Spring 2017 courses:

For Fall 2017 courses:

For ISH courses, and particularly for senior theses and projects, students are strongly encouraged to submit the contract before the end of the Spring 2017 semester. This will avoid delays in faculty approvals and late registration which we have previously experienced in the busy first two weeks of the semester. Submitting the contract by the end of the Spring 2017 semester also will give students time to work on refining proposals during the summer. For senior theses and projects, timely submission also allows for getting a headstart on the preliminary thesis research or project development during the summer.

The absolute deadline for student submissions of contracts on PATHS is August 15th. Note that all faculty approvals as well as approvals for credit overloads must be completed and submitted on PATHS by the end of the day on the first Thursday of the semester. This deadline date for the Fall 2017 semester is September 7th.